Wednesday Weigh In: Don’t pay attention to the scale!

Well normally today would be our weigh in day. However I forgot to weigh myself this morning! Oops! You may also post your weekly weight loss today in the comments if you’d like. One thing I’ve found is the importance of being accountable to someone I trust. It has been VERY instrumental in keeping me on track. So, if you don’t have anyone like that in your life, feel free to comment here & I’ll try my best to help in any way I can.

Now since I don’t have a number on the scale to tell you about, I thought I’d post some tips on weight-loss. Successes can be little, and may not always be reflected in the number on the scale. Just because the scale may not have budged for the week, doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. Your body may be changing on the inside, pants may feel looser & you are improving your cardiovascular strength. I myself have noticed my pants are definitely getting loose again…yay! So far this week I’ve kept to my workout schedule & that is an accomplishment in itself. So make those goals, even little ones and be happy when you accomplish them! Every little bit helps, so keep at it! You CAN do it!


SparkPeople: A Great Resource For Anyone Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Key to any choice, plan, resolution, initiative, or whatever you want to call the decision to choose a healthy lifestyle is information. A great place to get all sorts of information, support, accountability, and resources is a Web site that I firmly believe in, and have used for my own weight-loss journey, and that is SparkPeople.

I’ve used it for so many things, and seen others use it for their own journey in completely different ways. You can join for FREE! Use all of their online resources, and even use Apps on your iPhone/Android phones and other mobile devices to help you stay on top of things on the go.

You can keep track of your exercise, water intake, food intake, menus, friends, get advice, give advice, and just share with others your experiences.

There are so many ways this can help, all I can say is go check it out.  It’s free to join, and everyone else is there for the same thing you are: A Healthy Life!

A New Start for a New Year!

Starting new this year, Done Being the Fat Girl will be back up and running. I’ve been gone for too long, had a baby, and now my husband and I are going to tackle weight loss together.

I’ll be having my husband participate as a guest blogger, talking about the process from a man’s perspective. So it’ll still be for those ready to be “done being the fat girl” (DBTFG), but if you are a man, or have a man in your life that you would like to encourage to lose weight with you, keep your eyes open for his insight and experience.

The new schedule will hopefully have new posts 5 days a week, with recipes, experiences, weigh-ins, encouragement, and temptations to avoid.

Stay tuned!

I don’t want to be Skinny FAT…I want to be Healthy & LEAN!

Skinny Fat

“Why Does Endurance Training Make Some People Skinny Fat, And Others Ultra Lean?”

I read this article & it got me thinking about my goals & where I want to be. I do NOT want to be Skinny FAT! I want to be healthy & LEAN. My focus should be on my performance, not on moving from one type of race to the next…surviving one race but sucking at it, just to move onto the next to survive/suck at it too! 😉 So I want to start with the 5K & get really good at it, my focus being on performing each one better than the last.

From the article:

“If you get more powerful and more graceful

Healthy & LEAN

at your endurance sport, you’ll be leaner.”

“Endurance Training and Fat Loss is Simple:
Endurance Race Survivor = Skinny Fat
Endurance Race Competitor = Rockstar Lean”

Anyway, just something to think about…I don’t want my focus to be on getting skinny, I want it to be all about getting healthy & lean! Focus on my nutrition NOT dieting!!!

Be Consistent With Your Healthy Lifestyle Choices & You WILL See Results!

I discovered a really great website with TONS of info on weight loss that I thought I would share with you.

All contents Copyright ©2000-2005 John P. Hussman, Ph.D.

“Believe me, you’re going to have nights when you look in the mirror and say “all this work, and I look the same”, and mornings when you just can’t believe the improvement. Don’t base your enthusiasm about your fitness program on either of those short-term impressions. Do try to troubleshoot by periodically reviewing your diet, intensity, and variety, but stick with it!

For most people, the initial drop in the scale will probably understate your fat loss in the first few weeks. For very overweight people, the drop on the scale will probably exceed your fat loss. That’s particularly true if your diet was very high in carbohydrate before you started. In very overweight individuals, even the increased muscle cell and blood volume is typically less than the initial loss in water weight. A lot of people seem to think that water loss is not “real” weight loss. Well, if your fat level stays the same, that’s true. But your body’s water retention is largely determined by its fat content. So if you lose the fat, the water stays off as well!

Because of these significant differences in fluid-volume changes, some people will notice immediate changes, while others (and I would expect, most) will see only limited changes for the first 5 weeks or so. That seems like an awfully long time to wait, but remember, fat doesn’t “spot reduce” – it comes off in sheets, like an onion. That’s why you can estimate your overall bodyfat levels just by measuring at one or two sites. Fat isn’t so exquisitely distributed that those estimates are exact, so if you’re doing bodyfat readings at just one or two sites, your figures can jump and stall from time to time. The upper body (shoulders, chest, upper abdominal area) generally shows improvement first. But expect that the areas you’ve always thought were “too fat” will still look too fat for a while, even though you feel good, look “healthier”, and can gradually measure that your fat percentage is going down.

There’s so much pressure to see quick results that it’s easy to forget the point of this, which is quite frankly to save your life. Don’t ignore increases in strength and overall feeling of health and well-being. Those are goals too.

If you were able to look inside of your cells and see your “good” enzymes increasing, your energy-producing mitochondria multiplying, your cholesterol falling, your arteries clearing, your blood vessels becoming more efficient, your muscles strengthening, your bone-density improving, and all of the remarkable changes that this program triggers, it would be clear that the scale and calipers are just insufficient ways of measuring success. As these internal changes become significant, your external progress accelerates. Some people just start out needing more internal changes than others, because of their prior lifestyle, long-term yo-yo dieting, and other factors. Please understand that if you’re following the daily intensity and carefully limiting your portions, the progress is happening, whether it’s obvious or not. I’ve just seen too many individual cases to think any different.

So don’t force the numbers. They’ll come. Here is your job today: adhere to a winning pattern of action that you know will produce results if you follow it consistently. That’s all. And if you do that today, congratulate yourself as a winner. If instead, you insist on measuring your success by whether or not the scale or caliper show progress today, you’re creating a game you can lose. In Steven Covey’s words, you’re putting yourself in the position of trying to manage consequences rather than actions. You’ll never get a reliable sense of confidence that way. Look, you’re following a program that works. Do troubleshoot. Do review your workouts, food choices, portion sizes, and meal plans. But make every day a game you can win.”  By John P. Hussman, Ph.D (This excerpt found HERE)

The LOVE of my life…my hero. ;)

I should have written this blog 3 days ago but anyway…

My husband is actually ready this time & is really working on losing his extra weight & getting healthy. I am so proud of him! He has his work cut out for him but I absolutely believe he CAN do it.

It’s going to be harder for him because not only is he over weight but he’s type 1 diabetic. That’s why I say he is my hero because I really don’t know how he deals with diabetes on a daily basis. It is such a pain in the butt & makes things quite difficult for him at times. He has low blood sugars which can be scary & then if he’s not careful with what he’s eating his blood sugar can go too high. For the most part he has it under control, but with healthy eating & exercise I know he will be even better.

Before he was diagnosed with diabetes he lost a tremendous amount of weight very quickly….then he had some medical issues & that was when we discovered he was diabetic. It was shortly after our first daughter was born & he’s been dealing with it ever since. So in the beginning he lost probably 70+ pounds & then over the years has put the weight back on. He also had back surgery about a year and a half ago which set him back quite a bit as well.

Anyway, I didn’t want to nag him into getting healthy but I REALLY wanted him to lose weight. I was/am worried about him & want him to be around for the girls and me for a VERY long time. There are way too many scary side effects of uncontrolled diabetes (blindness, amputations, etc) that I would not want him to have to go through at all. All this to say I just kept praying about it & hoping he would come around & want to do this. After his Dr.’s visit a couple weeks ago he said, “just tell me what to do/eat & I’ll do it.” He was ready & so far he’s lost about 10 pounds!!!

So if you have someone in your life that you’d like to see lose weight, all I can say is be their for them, encourage them to do little things (like drink more water) & try not to nag. 😉 It’s difficult to wait around for them to want this, but they have want to do this for themselves & be ready…& when they are ready be there for them & help them anyway you can.