SparkPeople: A Great Resource For Anyone Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Key to any choice, plan, resolution, initiative, or whatever you want to call the decision to choose a healthy lifestyle is information. A great place to get all sorts of information, support, accountability, and resources is a Web site that I firmly believe in, and have used for my own weight-loss journey, and that is SparkPeople.

I’ve used it for so many things, and seen others use it for their own journey in completely different ways. You can join for FREE! Use all of their online resources, and even use Apps on your iPhone/Android phones and other mobile devices to help you stay on top of things on the go.

You can keep track of your exercise, water intake, food intake, menus, friends, get advice, give advice, and just share with others your experiences.

There are so many ways this can help, all I can say is go check it out.  It’s free to join, and everyone else is there for the same thing you are: A Healthy Life!


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