I don’t want to be Skinny FAT…I want to be Healthy & LEAN!

Skinny Fat

“Why Does Endurance Training Make Some People Skinny Fat, And Others Ultra Lean?”


I read this article & it got me thinking about my goals & where I want to be. I do NOT want to be Skinny FAT! I want to be healthy & LEAN. My focus should be on my performance, not on moving from one type of race to the next…surviving one race but sucking at it, just to move onto the next to survive/suck at it too! 😉 So I want to start with the 5K & get really good at it, my focus being on performing each one better than the last.

From the article:

“If you get more powerful and more graceful

Healthy & LEAN

at your endurance sport, you’ll be leaner.”

“Endurance Training and Fat Loss is Simple:
Endurance Race Survivor = Skinny Fat
Endurance Race Competitor = Rockstar Lean”

Anyway, just something to think about…I don’t want my focus to be on getting skinny, I want it to be all about getting healthy & lean! Focus on my nutrition NOT dieting!!!


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