The LOVE of my life…my hero. ;)

I should have written this blog 3 days ago but anyway…

My husband is actually ready this time & is really working on losing his extra weight & getting healthy. I am so proud of him! He has his work cut out for him but I absolutely believe he CAN do it.

It’s going to be harder for him because not only is he over weight but he’s type 1 diabetic. That’s why I say he is my hero because I really don’t know how he deals with diabetes on a daily basis. It is such a pain in the butt & makes things quite difficult for him at times. He has low blood sugars which can be scary & then if he’s not careful with what he’s eating his blood sugar can go too high. For the most part he has it under control, but with healthy eating & exercise I know he will be even better.

Before he was diagnosed with diabetes he lost a tremendous amount of weight very quickly….then he had some medical issues & that was when we discovered he was diabetic. It was shortly after our first daughter was born & he’s been dealing with it ever since. So in the beginning he lost probably 70+ pounds & then over the years has put the weight back on. He also had back surgery about a year and a half ago which set him back quite a bit as well.

Anyway, I didn’t want to nag him into getting healthy but I REALLY wanted him to lose weight. I was/am worried about him & want him to be around for the girls and me for a VERY long time. There are way too many scary side effects of uncontrolled diabetes (blindness, amputations, etc) that I would not want him to have to go through at all. All this to say I just kept praying about it & hoping he would come around & want to do this. After his Dr.’s visit a couple weeks ago he said, “just tell me what to do/eat & I’ll do it.” He was ready & so far he’s lost about 10 pounds!!!

So if you have someone in your life that you’d like to see lose weight, all I can say is be their for them, encourage them to do little things (like drink more water) & try not to nag. 😉 It’s difficult to wait around for them to want this, but they have want to do this for themselves & be ready…& when they are ready be there for them & help them anyway you can.


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