A Visual FEAST & a great way to stay accountable!

Okay so I have read this before, that taking photos of your food is a great way to help yourself stay on track with this healthy lifestyle. But, what if I take this to a whole new level & send the pictures of what I’m eating to a SparkFriend(s)?! What a great idea! (Hat tip to ANEWMACK & TREBLE02 for the great idea!)

Having to send a picture of what you’re eating to a friend or posting it on your blog for all to see will definitely keep me on track, that’s for sure! So here’s what I ate for dinner last night:

3 oz. baby back ribs
1.5 – cups mixed salad
2 T. light dressing
1 serving of Parmesan Sweet Potatos – SO Yummy!

Here’s some more info I found about the concept. “The FLASH Diet”


Anyway what do you think? Anybody willing to give it a try with me? 😉

Coming soon for your viewing enjoyment…a picture of our dinner “Crockpot Chicken Taco Stew”. Recipe is here recipes.sparkpeople.com/
It is really yummy & so easy to make!

By the way I rinse all the canned beans a lot to help reduce the sodium, add mushrooms (because we love them) use frozen corn instead of canned, & used pinto beans in place of the kidney beans.

And my snack I had earlier after working out:


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