Some Nice Comments on the Newsletter Article

Some nice comments from people that read the article on The DailySpark Newsletter:


Angela- I loved reading your page and your blogs. Spark People is so lucky to have people like you here to help and inspire others to reach their health and fitness goals. I know how challenging it is to lose a large amount of weight because I have lost almost 170 pounds so far. It isn’t always easy. But isn’t it better than being unhealthy and overweight? I’ll take working ‘hard’ at being healthy and fit over the difficulties of living in an obese body any day!

You are beautiful inside and out! You look so much younger and happier now. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss and your article in Family Circle magazine- WAY TO GO!


Thank you for sharing. This is a journey that I have started on so many times. I am ready to stay on till the end. I need to see and hear about other peoples successes as encouragement for my journey.
Thanks again.


Thanks Angela, for taking the time to share your journey with us. Just the other day I heard about eating chocolate once a day and I see that a Hershey’s Bliss Dark Chocolate square is a menu staple for you. Hmmmmm, I’m going to have to check that out.

And a long one that really touched me…

I too am a stay at home mom with a beautiful 12 year old daughter, and wonderful supportive husband of 18 years. I could not have have started or even made it on this Lifestyle changing journey without their encouragement. After trying for 6 years to have a baby, God blessed us with Kellee. We had her late in life. I being 35, and Richard, 37. Ironically the exact same age as my parents when they had me. But since then I have fought an extremely arduous battle with off and on weight gain. There have been a few debilitating set backs. The loss off my left of my sight in my left eye. I wear a scleral shell. In freak accident in my yard. Breaking a stick that flew up in my eye and tore my retina. Which led to depression. Which led to weight gain. But also has pushed me into telling people how important it is to wear safety glasses while doing yard work. Also, I jumped from a ledge that was higher than I thought. 8ft. to be exact, and knocked my knee cap all the way around to the back of my leg. In turn, which tore my ACL and tendons. I have had 3 surgeries. 2 orthscopies, and a complete ACL surgery. I have been living on a daily basis with 2 rods,2screws, and chronic pain. My orthopedist has finally agreed to a complete Total Knee Replacement this summer. He kept telling me I was to young to have one. But after looking at the last 2 MRI’s, he said it is time to do the surgery. Unless he is just tring to tell me in a nice way I am old now!LOL. Anyway, I have blamed lack of being able to do exercise because of pain. I have blamed pain, antidepressants, lithium medication. I have blame everything under the sun on my weight issues. But the one thing I never blamed was me! And than I found SparkPeople. More or less, SparkPeople found me. After a week long marathon of insomnia, binge eating, and just self pity. I was at my witts end. Than my family was invited to a Performance based on the movie with Tom Hanks,”Big.”No Pun intended.LOL At the Theater Of Performing Arts. I panicked. We live 35 miles from there, which in reality is nothing. I had become so complacent being in the country and just running to the school, store, and post office 10 minutes away. That the thought of getting dressed up, parking and walking downtown, and than walking up stairs and sitting through a 2 hour play mortified me. I practically threw up. On top of that, it took me 3 hours to get ready due to ripping my closet to shreds before I found something to squeeze into. I have not clothes shopped in years. Why bother. I had my big T-Shirts and spandex stretch pants. Oh Lord I prayed, for the sake of my child get me through this one night. Than my neighbor who gives me all her read magazines sent them over through her child. And there you were! He had answered my prayers. Suffice it to say I did go. Kellee fell in love with the theater. I survived. Kellee is now a member of Summer PlayHouse and will be performing in summer play,:Reaching The Rainbow.” And here you are again. And today I made a decision to help with set designs with my Husband. It is wonderful people like you that God has put on this earth to cross paths with people like me and bring encouragement, and self worthingness in my life. Had Sparkpeople not been in my life, than I would have not even noticed your article. Thank You so much for being one of those people to being a good role model to my child and to myself. To you and SparkPeople for giving me a Spark in my Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul and taking back control of my life.

I appreciate all the feedback.  Keep it up everyone!!


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