Family Circle feedback!

Earlier this week, I finally saw my magazine in the store!  I was so excited!!  I bought three copies.  A little over-kill?  Maybe.

My husband picked it up in a Barnes and Noble in Sarasota, FL, while he was there on business, and it was the last one in the whole store.  Part of me would like to think it was me that caused it to be sold out, but it was probably the nice picture of the waffle sundae on the cover.

When my girls and I found it in the store, my older girl screamed, “There’s your magazine, Mommy!”

Since the magazine has come out, I’ve gotten lots of feedback on my webpage that people liked the article, were inspired, impressed, and enjoyed it.  I love hearing all of those comments and hope that more and more people can use it as a stepping off point to begin their own journey.


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