Cutting Calories and Still Too Full!

A very simplistic way to look at a diet is this: “Eat less, move more.”  The eat less part can be misleading.  You’re not necessarily eating less food, but less calories.  I found this blog entry from the early part of my diet, and you  can plainly see that the “eat less” part doesn’t mean you have to go hungry.

Too Full to Eat a Skinny Cow

Last night while eating my bowl of homemade low-cal veggie soup with shrimp, I thought to myself after dinner I’ll treat myself to a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. (I was low on my calories for the day so I knew it would be ok to have.) Anyway I was so full after dinner that I couldn’t even think about eating the ice cream. Later when I was not so full I thought about eating it but by then it was eight o’clock and too late to eat. I thought to myself, that’s ok there’s always tomorrow if I’m not to full of veggies. 😉

If you’re intimidated by a diet for the fact that you think you’ll always be hungry, think again!  Find a recipe you like that works for you and your diet.  I love soup, I love veggies, and I love shrimp.  Yes, shrimp can be expensive, and if you have a cholesterol problem, they might not be your best selection, but I have made this many, many times with just veggies.  This is an awesome illustration of the fact that you do not have to be hungry.  In fact, if you’re exercising and you’re hungry more than you think you should be, you’re probably not feeding your body enough fuel, and you might find you don’t lose weight.

Yes, you undestand me correctly, you may need to eat more when you exercise to actually lose weight.  I know, it seems so counter-intuitive, but it’s the truth!

I’ll start to post some resources for finding out how much you should eat in order to lose weight, either if you’re exercising or not.  It’s important that you’re eating enough to lose weight.  Your body is programmed to respond to a reduction in calorie intake by holding on to as many calories as it can, even if you’re exercising, you’re body will absolutely refuse to release the weight.  So, in essence, you’re really trying to fool your body in to letting you lose weight.

Keep it up, don’t quit, you’re making progress, even if you don’t think you are!


4 thoughts on “Cutting Calories and Still Too Full!

  1. Maria says:

    Is there any use on reducing fat by cutting calories?

    • ang76h says:

      Hi Maria,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things have been crazy!! Fat, by itself, is not a bad thing, just too much of it, and the wrong kinds of fat are what you should try to reduce. If you count calories, you may find that your fat intake goes down, too, but not always. It’s still good to watch the food labels for fat content, and fat type. Try to eat more of the good fats, monounsaturated is best, like olive oil, nuts, avocados, olives, etc. And definitely stay away from the trans fats as much as possible, those can really do damage, and it never ceases to amaze me why they are legal to put in food.

      Thanks for the comment, please keep checking back.


  2. julie says:

    I love when that happens! Especially since I no longer tend to eat it anyway, whereas previously I would NEVER skip a treat, even if I was full.

    • ang76h says:

      Hi Julie,

      I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. It really is an interesting thing when you find yourself not really wanting a particular food, when in the past, that wouldn’t even be given a second thought. I’ve noticed quite a few times that things I used to not like are now good, and I tend to pass on those things that I used to not be able to say no to.

      Thanks for the comment, please keep checking back.


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