It’s All About the Little Wins!

You might have seen me say before that it’s all about the little wins that will keep you going.  I’m serious, it really is.

Take pride in your small wins.  It will make you feel vindicated in your trials and journey.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.  It doesn’t mean you’re done, but it does mean you’re making progress.  If you set your goals too high, sure it’s admirable to want to save the world, but if it starts to feel like it takes too long, you’ll get frustrated and maybe quit.

When you set a goal, make it measurable, make it feasible, and give it a deadline.  Feel happy when you get there, and set a new goal to meet.

From January 23, 2008:

WOW! Total Loss of 10 Pounds Since January 3rd!!!

I can hardly believe it! I got on the scale this a.m. only to discover that I lost 2.7 pounds! (Never to be found again!) That means a total of 10 pounds gone so far this month…I’ve lost TEN pounds since beginning fresh with SP! Thank you for this wonderful free website. It truly has helped me so much!!!

Here’s to many more 10 pounds down victory dances! 😉


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