Thoughts From the Beginning

I’ve been keeping a blog on my SparkPeople page for a few years, so I thought I’d repurpose those posts, and update them by sharing them with you.

A New Beginning
November 8, 2006

Well here I am at the beginning of my weight-loss journey. I am determined to lose this weight and get healthy! I know I can do it with God’s help. I am already feeling better with the exercising I’ve been getting. I am tired and a little sore…but this too shall pass, right?! Anyway, I would love to get down to a size 8 again. That might be a pretty ambitious goal, but I’m sure it is attainable. I won’t know unless I try. Anyway that’s where I’m at right now. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in a couple months. My first mini-goal is to lose 16 pounds by Christmas!

When I started, I was wearing a size 16 in some things.  All that time ago, I thought getting into a size 8 was almost unattainable goal.  But a goal, none the less.  I remember writing this and having to tell myself that the soreness will go away, I won’t tire so quickly.  That’s partly true.  Now, I don’t tire very quickly; I can go a lot longer than I used to, and it gets better every day.  But I have learned one thing:  The soreness may go away, but it can come back.  But what I also learned: My body almost craves the soreness, because it lets me know that what I’m doing is working.

If I don’t run, train, exercise, or even get in a good, brisk walk, my body lets me know.  I start to feel worse when I don’t exercise than when I do.  Gee, do you think my body is trying to tell me something?  It WANTS to exercise.

If you’re just getting started, in my quoted post is a simple formula that you can follow. Gather ambition, pick a goal, set a timeline, and work at it.  You don’t have to have the ultimate end goal in mind (a size 8 for me in that post), but I did say that I’d like to lose 16 lbs before Christmas.  Start small, so your victories come quicker, because how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  If you try to eat the whole thing at once, you’ll just choke.


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